About the Company

     St. Louis Pneumatic was begun in 1990 for the express purpose of providing quality, U.S. made, pneumatic power tools to the
     professional mechanic. Its later entry into the industrial market came about due to the excellent quality and moderate pricing
     realized by various industrial distributors who came to know about the company and its product line.  

     St. Louis Pneumatic offers a quality power tool line to assist you with your tough jobs.  With air motors designed for power and
     longevity, our tools will perform the quality work expected from an American-made product line.  Experience the quality of our
     aluminum die castings, precision machined steel components, and durable drill chucks.  Since every tool is operated and tested
     before leaving our plant, you can be confident that your St. Louis Pneumatic product will perform properly the first time.  

     With our one year warranty protection and reliable repair service, you can remain confident of your long-term satisfaction with
     St. Louis Pneumatic power tools, 
the last air tools you'll ever need to buy.

 About the Staff
     The staff is highly trained individuals that come together as a team dedicated and proud to build a U.S.A made product.  We have
     engineers and machinists available to address the technical needs of our customers.  We believe that safety and quality are top
     priorities.  Our main goal is to address our customer's needs and provide them solutions.