- Keep tools clean and lubricated.  When you've finished using them at the end of the day, place a teaspoon of oil into the air 
        inlet and operate the tool briefly to circulate the oil through the tools.  This will protect the tools from rust until their use the
        next day.

     - Air tools need clean air.  An in-line filter and lubricator can greatly increase the life of an air tool.

     - User proper hose and fitting.  They are necessary for top performance of your tool.

     - Always match the speed rating of an accessory with the tool speed.

 Repair Stations

     Power Tool Repair, Inc.
        371 West Ave.
        Tallmadge, OH  44278
            Phone: 330-630-0022
            Fax: 330-630-3320

     Tri-County Power Tool
        1300 Brookpark Rd.
        Cleveland, OH  44109
            Phone: 866-873-8278       216-398-6120
            Fax: 216-398-6121